Who we are ?

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The Melody Create teaching team consists of well qualified musicians. They all have more than 10 years of teaching experience as well as a wealth of knowledge of various musical styles, techniques and artists behind them.​ Our teachers are professional and hand-picked with wide range of skills. They have international and UK teaching experience and  are skilled music performers.


​Melody Create offers private music lessons,  group classes and courses for many instruments. We also provide workshops and can help with recording projects upon request. You have the idea, we make the way.

We provide one to one lessons, group lessons and courses as well.

For more information write our admin team. 


Music lessons are personalized and run at a pace to suit each student’s individual level and to encourage the development of their musical ability in the most effective and efficient way.


Group lessons are recommended for siblings, friends and classmates and are charged at a discounted rate. Please contact us for more information.


All teachers are CRB checked.

" Tell me and I forget,

Teach me and I may remember,

Involve me and I learn. "

- Benjamin Franklin - 


We teach all levels complete beginner to advanced. Piano lessons for adults and children from age 6 years and above.
Styles: Classical, Gospel, Pop, Jazz…

Acoustic Guitar 

Acoustic Guitar Lessons, Guitar lesson, strings, fingerpicking, picking techniques, rhithm, strumming, pick, guitar chords, Melody Create

We teach all levels complete beginner to advanced. Guitar lessons for adults and children from age 6 years and above.
Styles: Acoustic Pop, Acoustic Blues, Classical, Fingerpicking

Electric Guitar

We teach all levels complete beginner to advanced. Guitar lessons for adults and children from age 6 years and above .
Styles: Classic Rock, Pop-Rock, Blues, Funk…

Electric Guitar Lessons, Guitar lesson,  strumming, chords, string, fingerpicking, PIMA Guitar, speed techniques, rock, funk, pop, jazz, blues, slide, pick, Melody Create


Singing lessons for all levels taught including complete beginner and advance from age 16 and older.
Breathing exercises, vocal training, Vocal techniques, performance and repertoire...

Singing Lesson, Vocal training, voice, Jazz, pop, falsetto, vibrato,  Microphone,  Melody Create

Bass Guitar

We teach Bass guitar for beginner. Guitar lessons for adults and children from age 6 years and up.
Styles: Classic Rock, Pop-Rock, Blues, Funk…

Bass, Guitar, Lessons, tutor, learn bass, bass strings, chords, scale,Melody Create


Drum, Drum lessons, Sticks, Drum sticks, cymbal, drum kits, Melody Create,

Drum lessons from any age group and any level of experience - from absolute beginners to professionals.

Music Theory

Music Theory, scales, rhythm, chords, intervols, modal scales,  Melody Create

Our music theory course teaches the essentials of music. The course is based on Hungarian Kodály music education system what is known and acknowledged worldwide.
On this course you will learn the importance of music theory and the relationship between the basic musical building blocks and how they can be used to create complete musical compositions.​​​

Whether you’re an instrumentalist or a singer or composer this course will help improve help sharpen your skills in composition, improvisation and musical arrangement. The course also provides a good starting point for those considering embarking on a degree in music​.


Songwriting, How to write song, composing, making music, songwriter, chords, Melody Create

Here at Melody Create we can help you take some of the mystery out of songwriting and song composition. Whether you need help writing a song from scratch or you already have a song lyrics or a melody you’d like to expand on, we’re here to help.
We can also provide help and guidance on a range of topics from:

How can to get your songs recorded to how to avoid the dreaded writer’s block.


Whatever your requirements are, our aim is to set you on the path that will help you unearth your inner creativity.

Studio Working

Music studio, recording studio, studio mixer,  mixing, sonediting music, mastering, recording, Melody Create, Kiasi,

Kiasi is a well known and sought after Producer, Programmer and tutor. He is a multi-instrumentalist (specialising in Piano, Drums, Saxophone, Voice and Bass Guitar) in a wide range of genres (including Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Grime, Urban, House and Dance music). Because of his extensive musical background, Kiasi ‘sound’ is varied and eclectic.

He was also instrumental in creating a specialised music curriculum for the Jack Petchy Academy. Among the many talents that Kiasi posses he also finds time to lead an award winning choir.


His work with the Jonas Foundation has involved, amongst others, recording traditional African songs as well as working with world musicians.