Welcome in Practice Room

At Melody Create 'Practice Room', you can gain piano and guitar knowladge on all styles and all levels. 'Practice Room' provides useful information and direction to become better musician. You will find practically and theory lessons on everything from scales and modes to chord construction. Learn the fundamentals in the right order, and when your practice feels like pure 'play', you advance so quickly that it shocks even yourself.

How To Practice ?!

You can learn how to maximize practice time. Also give guide how to play in music instrument in as little as 15-30 minutes a day, five days a week, if you organize your practice routine.  


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Feedback & Suggestion

We also wellcome your feedback. If you stuck in any level, exercise just let us know. Feel free to ask online help guide. 




Guitarist Room

Grab your guitar and extend your knowledge by learn new scales, chords, riff. No matter if you absolutely beginner or already have some experience in guitar.

Guitarist Room

At guitarist practice room you can pick up new chords, scales, exercises, riff based on the 3 music level.

Pianist Room

At pianist practice room you can pick up new chords, scales, exercises based on the 3 music level.